Sunday, February 28, 2010

Boat Show: Foul Weather Gear and a Garmin Oregon 400c

Yesterday we convinced our friends to come with us to the New England Boat Show, so the six of us piled into the car and made the journey over there. We were only there for two hours...usually we go there, clamber around on as many boats as we can, and end up being there for five or six hours. Truthfully, it's a bit tiring when we do that and so I was happy for the short length of time that we were there.

Despite this, we were still able to spend a good bit of money while we were there! We already knew exactly what we wanted though, and have been saving up.

So here it is folks - our 2010 New England Boat Show purchases!!

West Marine Third Reef Foul Weather Gear

Garmin Oregon 400c Handheld GPS


  1. The WM 3rd reef gear for women is well designed. In fact, we liked the side zipper access on the women's so much more than the men's version that we bought a larger size for my husband. Since they are bright red he didn't mind.

    We use hiking-climbing shells for the top (Marmot for me and Mountain Hardwear for him).

  2. Lol, did you guys both get matching red rain gear? If so, you can be the tomatoes and we can be the banana's! Nice score on your boat show buys, at any rate, got to love the boat show(s)! How is everything going since the storm? Any issues with Madrigal? How are the dock repairs coming?

  3. Chris and Cate - yes, we're definitely the tomatoes!!

    I'm loving the new jacket. It fits perfectly and it's warm but not too warm.

    Madrigal has fared just fine from the storm, but there are a few boats that are looking rather sad. I'd take photos, but I imagine the owners are rather shameful and I'd rather not. I won't leave you with the gorey details, only that they are still afloat but will need a lot of repairs.

    The dock repairs are coming along, but quite slowly. They have yet to figure out a good way to fix the section that we showed in the blog, so they've built a make-shift bridge over it. I have no doubts that they'll fix this as soon as they find a good way, but in the meantime that's working out just fine for folks.