Monday, January 28, 2008

counter fits

For those who might not remember, we purchased some galley counter tiles a few months back. They have since then resided in their box stuffed underneath our futon. This is, of course, valuable boat storage that could be put to far better use. Given my week off of school for the between the semester break I decided to remedy this problem.

Here is the galley before we purchased the boat.

And here it is after we purchased. We removed the rope looking upright and installed some spice racks there in the background. Trouble being the fake counter top linoleum kinda junk was old and peeling.

A few weeks ago we put some nice stained slider doors in the background cupboards. You can see those here as I began to lay tiles a few days ago.

more work.

Today was grouting day, of which there are no photos since Jenny was at work and not here to take pics of me.

and finally... the finished product!

We are very very happy with the way it looks. Still can't get it wet for a few days til we let it get good and dried before sealing it. Also, notice the new faucet that I installed. You can't tell much from the previous pictures what the old one looked like, but needless to say, the new one is much...newer.

Happiness ensues though.



We almost forgot to post some close-ups, so you could actually see what the tiles/grout looks like. We are impressed.



Saturday, January 26, 2008

Grass skirts, sombreros, hot tubs, and free beer.

Sounds like a marina party!

Yes, this is how we entertain ourselves here during the cold months. Our downtown Boston marina may be expensive, but they also make up for the price by throwing big parties with free booze.

On that note I present to you, our neighbor, Jeff:
Hehe, well, we certainly can't single out Jeff as the only culprit for wearing a grass skirt. I think everyone at the party had the skirts on at some point or another.

Arvind was probably the most notorious skirt wearing, sombrero toting culprit of the night. He was having tons of fun. So much fun, that I couldn't seem to get a shot of him from the front, but here he has pulled Joanne into the dance circle:

One of the neat things at our marina is the pool in the winter. They put a big tent over it, sorta like a shrink wrapped pool cover (us winter boaters will shrink wrap just about anything). The neat part though is that they heat the entire pool like a hot tub. It was just about 100 degree water last night and the amount of steam it generates under the tent is astounding. This can be attested to by this pic of Mark re-filling his beer from the keg.

It is really neat to swim in. When you are in the middle of the pool you can't even see the edges. This, of course, was cause for many jokes about needing radar and looking for bouys. :)

Back inside the boathouse Walter was crowned with a sombrero.

I can't very well put lots of silly pictures of everyone else without admitting that I too took part in the reindeer games:
All in all, it was a lot of fun. These marina parties are by far the best way to meet all the fellow liveaboards. All the people pictured above live here, as well as most everyone who was at the party last night. It is a good community to live in.


[edit 1/27/08] Our friend Ahmet took many more photos and put them all up here:

Friday, January 11, 2008

managed a quick pic of the swans.

This isn't from the night they woke us, but saw them by my friend's boat during the day as well.

Just a quick cellphone pic, but better than nothing.

Very pretty birds.

It is strange that they are wild. Feels like we live in an English garden or something.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I know there have been a lack of posts.

It is the end of my semester and final papers are killing me.

The Ron Paul for president campaign is running strong and taking up most of my spare time.

I tore the old head system out in the meantime and our new one is on backorder (lots of walking to the boathouse in the meantime)

I've also been cutting a good amount of wood into little bitty pieces for our woodstove. In the meantime though I managed to run a handsaw across my left pointer finger and receive 4 stitches as reward. That was awesome! hehe. Seriously. I rarely get stitches. It was an amusing day.

All the snow has melted in our global warming 60 degree mid January days, but hopefully we can have some more awesome snowy pics soon.

Oh, I almost forgot. A couple of absolutely HUGE swans came to visit us the other day while we were trying to get to sleep. Heard some loud animal squaks while laying in bed and upon running outside found a few awesome and gigantic beautiful swans pecking around the sides of our boat. That was neato.

More soon hopefully. :)