Tuesday, June 17, 2008

a grand visit

Well, lots and lots and lots of things have been happening. First and most important is that my grandfather finally was able to come out here for a visit from Michigan. He'd never been on a plane before and though he hasn't seen the ocean since he was a kid in the 1940's he's always been very fond of all things oceanic and nautical. He spent lots of time on the great lakes in his boating heyday and I grew up fishing with him on little inland lakes. Him finally making it out here and getting a turn at the helm of a real ocean-going sailboat is a landmark occasion.

Other news is all pretty large as well.

1. We've fully moved aboard Madrigal!
2. The Fitz is being hauled out and drydocked this Friday at 3:00
3. There is a couple who is highly interested in purchasing the Fitz to live aboard in Boston harbor: a good way to see the boat go. It was good to us and we'll miss it.
4. Excluding the head and the trim which will hold up the headliner when we get it installed, all the interior woodwork on Madrigal has now been refinished.
5. We did our first overnighter sailing trip to Peddocks Island with a group of about 6 other boats from our marina. Tons of fun, but it was kinda rainy and we forgot to take pictures. oops. All went off pretty flawlessly though.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

tip top

It's late at night, so I'll be short with the words.

I went up the mast for the first time and placed a windvane on top to help us amateur sailors. Afterwards we cooked some flounder that a fellow liveaboard caught. Tasty.