Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Seth and Boat Babies

Just last week we got some great news - I'm going to be an aunt and Justin an uncle! Hooray! My brother and sister-in-law are expecting in mid-September and so of course we're trying to get them to come visit soon so that they can enjoy one last Boston visit pre-baby! If not that's ok too - they'll just have to get the baby used to flying!

Speaking of which, Kelly and Jon live in our marina (until it gets too cold, in which they travel around the US in search of warmer weather...generally they fail!) They have a 3 year old, Seth. Seth is awesome in so many ways, especially in the fact that he has great parents that trust him on a boat (and trust me to babysit him every so often!) They've been away for quite some time now but we're expecting them back SOON. They're living on a Carver (much like the one we used to own) but are looking at Westsail 32s, as they also quickly caught the sailing bug!

So cheers to us having a new niece/nephew in the near future who will someday come to visit to play endless games of Marco Polo with Seth!!


  1. Congrats guys! Seems like babies are the talk of the day up your way...

  2. HEY! I know that kid! That's so funny, I just came on over to check out info on your boat, and there's Seth. Congrats, being an aunt is fun stuff.


  3. Chris and Cate - thanks! We can't wait to have a little niece or nephew that we can teach how to sail!

    Kelli - that's funny. I kept meaning to tell you that I posted Seth's picture on our blog but it kept slipping my mind.