Friday, April 18, 2008


"The best laid plans of mice and men go oft awry....."

So it is with the best laid plans of Justin and Jenny-- but in a good way. Remember that post a few weeks ago about the world class motorsailer we'd love to get after we live on the Fitz for a couple years. Scratch that.

Well, don't scratch it entirely, we'd still love to get that boat and sail the world and we are still pursuing Jigsaw Indexing with that in mind; however, we've happened ourselves into a new situation altogether:

We bought a new boat!

Well, new to us.

It is an Ericson 35 mkII from 1978. We got such a deal we couldn't pass it up. Somebody in our marina got tired of owning two boats and direly needed to get rid of it. We happily took up the slack and are now sailboat owners. The exterior is beautifully reworked/glassed painted etc. The working parts are great (new plumbing, electric, engine not rebuilt but gone over with a fine tooth comb updated and rewired. Thruhulls replaced. Anyway all the good hard stuff has been done. The interior needs woodwork to be finished and a headliner put in. Floors could use a good refinish. But thats all cosmetics, and we can handle it. I'd post more pics but the internet is being horrendous. Hopefully soon.

The Fitz is for sale. We will miss that boat dearly and parting will be terribly sad, but we need sails to feel a bit more free. It was a wonderful year aboard the Fitzcarraldo.

A surprising number of people actually frequent this site, so will remain as is, we will just update according to our new boat "madrigal". Madrigal is the name that comes with this boat and it is a good enough name to not warrant all the hullabaloo it takes to change a name.

Despite this extraordinary news, we will still be living on the Fitz for some time. We have a free mooring that we can leave Madrigal on and shall be doing so while we try to sell the Fitz. This will give us some good time to work on Madrigal while not living aboard. Easier that way.

Anyhow, if you have 10,000 dollars or so and would like a lovely powerboat that needs a bit of electrical updating please let us know! We need to get back down to one boat ASAP. :)

rock on.