About Our Boat

Aboard Madrigal was a blog about us living on a 35' sailboat. And then the dream boat came our way and we had to part ways with our lovely little sailboat.

Madrigal is currently living in Block Island (RI). We are currently living on The Fitzcarraldo. Yup...the boat we first lived on when we moved out to Boston. Weird.

Justin is currently fixing up a Creekmore 46' that we acquired with a dollar and a bit of charm. As of now (July 2012) we have high hopes to get her launched in October. Justin is working his butt off to make that happen, and lots of wonderful friends have been helping him out while I stay home with the baby to keep her away from weird chemicals, fiberglass, and other various things that are bad for toddlers.

There are many, many photos of the Creekmore, but the ones I'm enjoying the most are the before/after shots that really show how much work Justin is putting into this beast beauty. The photos really speak for themselves in showing just how much time and effort has been going into the project.

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