Friday, July 11, 2008

a view from afar

Now here is a fun post. When my Father and Grandfather were here a few weeks back we were out sailing in the harbor when our friends Jeff and Kristi spotted us on their way out of the harbor. They live on a big ol Irwin and were motoring out to the outer harbor so they could sail free of the islands and harbor traffic, but they had so much fun they spent two days out there before coming back home haha. In the meantime they snapped some photos as they were passing us.

Thanks Jeff and Kristi! Also, their liveaboard blog can be found at the right side of the page titled "As You Wish" (their boat's name).

Monday, July 7, 2008

a poor neglected blog this is...

Hehe, well, I guess I know some people who are much worse about updating regularly. I've been in northern New Hampshire for a couple weeks at an archaeology field school. That was awesome, but doesn't have much to do with boating/sailing.

In the meantime though, Jenny watched over Madrigal and over Willie. All three of them survived with flying colors.

The Fitz, on the other hand, I took across town to have hauled out on my last day before I went up north. Our friend Joanne helped with that since Jenny had to be at work that day. It is now dry docked at continental marine.

Here are some rather sad pictures for us, the end of the fitz as we knew it:

Those couple pics in the middle with the cityscape off the stern are by far the saddest.

Anyhow, I have happier things to post, but I'll pass on that for now. Jenny got a new video camera called a "flip". It takes an hour of digital video, pretty decent quality, and is only the size of a standard digital camera. It uploads very easily and is entirely USB based. So hopefully that will bring some fun video to our blog soon.