Friday, May 8, 2009


While I enjoy posting pictures to our flickr account, I want to continue to post them on here, too. I will be a bit more choosy on here than on there, but nevertheless, I think it's fun to include bits of stories in with the pictures.

Justin and I are both reading a book called "Storm Tactics" by Lin and Larry Pardey. While I hope we're never caught out in a storm, it's still essential to know what to do in case of extreme winds, and so we're reading and enjoying the book. I highly recommend it thus far.

Boat projects have slowed down considerably, which also means we're finally spending less on the boat and saving more. It is a grand feeling.

Some projects that we've done in recent months:

1. Lazy jacks installed.
2. Icebox has been converted into a fridge/freezer. This was especially exciting because we got rid of all refridgeration sometime in the winter (Dec, Jan, Feb...I don't remember). At the time I was excited that we were without, but I am now very thrilled that we're able to stock up more, waste less, and have things cold. The most thrilling thing is that this is technically only a fridge, but the way Justin set things up keeps everything freezing to the point where we have to be careful what we set next to the coldest part. NICE.

3. We acquired some batteries and Justin set these up with a battery monitor. These will stay charged a mighty long time.

4. We fixed some of the sail hardware (or I should say, upgraded to the correct size blocks).

5. Our jib had a tear in it from last summer that I fixed on the sewing machine. The boat is now sail-able, and we've done just that! It was a success for sure.

That's all for now.