Monday, February 8, 2010


We've been all about playing board games lately. Partly, we have been egged on by our friend Mark who is even more excited about games than we are. But it is also because there isn't always a whole ton to do in the winter here. At least not without going out to spend money. Well, there is always rum I suppose.... but I digest...

We've been playing lots of Tichu when we have 4 players around. It is a card game similar to spades or hearts, but a bit more fun. Card games are great because they don't take up any room.

RoboRally takes up a bit more space, but it is pretty fun even with only 2 players and that is ideal. You run around a board with little robot pieces that you have to "program" by selecting 5 moves ahead of time. You miscalculate a lot and run into each other and accidentally kill each others robots. Pretty fun really.

Jenny and I have always been fans of Scrabble, and we have a travel-Scrabble version that is very boat conducive. The letters clip onto the board and it all folds down in a neat package. Perfect!

One of Jenny's favorites has become Munchkin. In particular, Munchkin Booty. It is a card game, which is great on being a space saver, but it takes more than 2 people to make it worth while and that doesn't always work out as well. Your character is a little munchkin and you collect cards that help you fight monsters and you can plot with each other and whatnot. Neat.

Mark has a ton of games on his boat (single guy on a Catalina 42--he has tons of room) So we've also been playing Ra, Carcassone, Settlers of Catan, Dominion, Puerto Rico, and others, but they are mostly all multiple player games. (Dominion is fun and can be 2 player, tons and tons of cards though and it's more fun with 3+ players) If anyone has more ideas on some fun two player games, let us know. Thanks. :)

Oh, and we need to learn Cribbage...


  1. We would enthusiastically recommend the card game Casino. It can be played with multiple people but is also a great 2-person game. Brian and I enjoy beating each other at it pretty regularly.

    Great blog! Started it from the beginning and are reading all the way through to your most current post.

  2. Tina and Brian,

    Thanks! I can't wait to try out this new game.

    We're glad that you found our blog, so that we can read yours now!

    You must have been reading for awhile to read ALL of our posts, haha.