Friday, July 13, 2007

Having no Internet is making for a very weak blog on our part, and we apologize. We are thinking about getting the Internet on the boat when a) Justin goes back to school or b) in the winter...but for now, you will have to be patient.

The coffee house (Sorelle) that is nearest to the marina is really wonderful. They have great food and drinks, and is just a very nice place. If I could make it here more, I probably would, although now that I don't spend all my time online, I feel as though there is not much to do once I'm here.

Justin's parents visited, and we took our first real significant trek to Salem, MA. A couple of days later, we took the boat up the Charles River for the famous 4th of July Fireworks w/ the Boston Pops. Again, great fun, despite the minor problem of the bilge pump breaking right as the pops began their concert. Typical!

Well, this is a pretty pathetic post, but it's all I have time for, for now.


Monday, July 9, 2007


What a week. My parents came to visit on Sunday the 1st. We left that afternoon for our first big boating trip. We went out and up to Salem, MA since my sis wanted to go there real bad. It was a ton of fun, if not a bit nerve wracking, but we made it just fine and it was great to dock in a different marina for a night. The ride back was more relaxed, since we knew what we were doing a bit better. Then, on the morning of the 4th of July we took the boat through the locks system up the Charles River and anchored out for 24 hours! It was sweet. Disasters happened, both with our boat and with others on the river, but through some improvising and brainstorming all crises were averted and a great time was had. I can perhaps explain more later, but I'm in a hurry for now. It was lots of fun and we feel like we've finally been able to really use our boat for boating and not just for living... it was awesome. Pics to come, hopefully.