Friday, February 26, 2010

dock troubles at Constitution Marina

So, this 'storm' doesn't seem real bad to Jenny or me. We are pretty used to mid-west tornados and thunderstorms that wreak some real havoc. On the other hand, being on the water makes things a bit different. While it hasn't rained a whole ton, nor has there been a massive lightning show, there has been a whole lot of wind. Last night the building just up the road from us clocked a couple gusts at around 55-57 mph. That's blowing pretty good. Well, that, combined with the strain of extra high tides from the storm surge has certainly caused some troubles for our poor old docks here.

The photos are from about halfway down d-dock. See dockplan here. That is the worst break so far, but word has it that a few other small breaks have happened as well. Luckily there is a good crew of workers here and they were on top of things all night long. Things are quickly being patched up and reinforced and soon all will be back to normal.

This is fun!!



  1. We had concrete docks come apart where they were joined at Port of Sidney on Vancouver Island. They lashed them together and they held fine until they could be repaired but it was a bit freaky to see. - Livia


    From Lynnfield, MA

  3. I agree although some storms are not that turbulent, they affect sailing since the wind will make it hard for cruising. The winds can also be destructive in terms of docks and boat sails. Last year, my husband and I encountered a storm while on our way to Martha's Vineyard. We decided to dock at marinas Boston, Ma to let the storm pass. We usually choose marinas in Boston since it is the easiest to access in the South Boston area. We still had a good time there amidst the storm because there are good shops and restaurants in the shipyard village.