Saturday, February 6, 2010

May T and the Beast of Burden

Justin and I have been trying to get out sailing with a fellow dockmate, Wayne. Sadly, we were so close today, but the engine wouldn't work, and we didn't think it would have been a terribly good idea to take the boat out without one, since it's only 22 degrees out. Getting stranded didn't sound too terribly fun for any of us.

I had planned on taking tons of photographs but instead only got a few. Regardless, I generally upload my photos to flickr and I discovered that I can embed slideshows directly into a blog post. I'm giving that a shot now!


  1. Okay - you guys look like you had too much fun on a cold day!!

  2. Awesome pics you two, how's the weather treating you up your way?

  3. The weather has been not bad. Windy and cold, but none of the snow that hit you guys!