Monday, April 30, 2007

week 1

Well, my parents came to visit about 3 days after we were moved on. We really hadn't even settled in and were/are still trying to figure out just how exactly this whole thing works. So it has been HECTIC as of the first week, but my parents went back home yesterday (mind you, it was great to see them again since it has been so long-- it has just been hectic for moving aboard). Anyhow it seems like it is going to be an awesome life. We are enjoying the heck out of it so far.

We also didn't realize that when we were moving to the town of Charlestown (a neighborhood of Boston-still within the city) we were moving to such an awesome place. While my parents were here we didn't get to spend a ton of time on the boat but we did get to do a lot of exploring. Charlestown looks like such a sweet place. It is all upscale but laid back and just nice. Gaslamp streets and all. Sure beats my old neighborhood in Lansing MI!

We took a ton of pics when my parents were here but they are all on my parents camera, so whenever they get those mailed to us we'll put some online.

more later, I'm sure!


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

the move

Jenny here. The move went great. We had beautiful weather and EVERYTHING FIT! It was grand.

Now we are just trying to quickly get things finished up before Justin's parents arrive tomorrow. This means a lot of running around for Justin today, and a lot of cleaning for both of us tonight.

We tried the 3 day trial of the internet at the marina and it was too awful to spend the $ to sign up. Instead, we have decided to go without internet for the summer and see how that works out for us. We live close enough to the north end which has a great coffee house that we both really enjoy, and they have free wi-fi. I don't imagine we will be updating too often (I am doing this from work), but I am hoping we can update at least once a week.

Anyway, my 15 minute break is up and it's time to get back to work.

More soon.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

countdown continues....

33 hours til we move aboard.... I know that's a little absurd, but we are seriously excited.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Nor' Easters and more.

Some actual exciting news: We will definitely be moving aboard on Saturday! the immortal words of my sister, "Woot Woot!!"

Also, we had the advantage of using somebody's free car for the week, so we went to Ikea to get some decoration stuff. We got plenty of cool things to make the boat look more sweet and more like home, but you can see all that stuff when it is installed and looking cool.

As one last exciting thing, we are still in the waning stages of what is apparently a very big Nor'Easter storm out here. Susan, the woman living on our boat now, said that Sunday night was by far the worst -storm wise- night on a boat she has ever experienced.

We can't find any pictures of what the night was like at our marina, but these are some nearby areas.

This is in New Hampshire, the farthest away
of the pictures, but such a cool picture that I
couldn't leave it out.

This is Revere Beach. How these people aren't
getting bowled over by these waves, I dunno.
This is just up the road about a 1/2 mile from
where we live now. We went there the night
before to see this site and it was pretty cool,
not as big as in this picture.

This lighthouse is in Cohasset. South of us by
just a little bit, but right outside the harbor.

Other than the huge waves, there was plenty of rain and wind, but it really didn't seem like a HUGE storm to us. We'd probably think differently if we were out on the water.

:) That's all for now.


Sunday, April 15, 2007


I decided to take a couple of pictures of the new upholstery I bought for the couch that is built into the boat (there was a picture posted on April 3rd...)

The nice thing about it is that it will match the futon very well (which is the color of the pillow in the picture. We currently have a sheet over it, but won't once we move). In fact, it should tie everything in together quite nicely. The only thing I worry about a bit is the incredibly strange colored carpeting, but I think that once we get the rug down and the couch reupholstered, the carpeting will look ok.


Saturday, April 14, 2007

squeaky clean

Susan did not get her boat here this week. The weather has been rather shaky, so I can't blame her. This translates into: we are not able to move our stuff aboard this weekend. However, we were able to go do some cleaning yesterday and start work on our own little remodel. Tore down some ugly wallpaper, fixed a few little things... nothing huge, but it was nice to get some actual work done on our own boat. Jenny also bought the fabric to re-upholster the interior dinette cushions with. It should look much nicer than it does now.

In other news, the city is preparing for a supposedly HUGE nor-easter that is supposed to blow into town tomorrow morning and not leave for 2-3 days. That should be awesome, but I just have to trust that Susan and Carl have our boat securely tied down in the meantime. They've been doing this a few years, so I'm sure it's fine. I'll have my fingers crossed anyhow.


Monday, April 9, 2007

still counting...

The time is approaching. We don't really have much to report lately. Just lots of waiting.

On the upside of things, the waiting may have gotten shorter. The woman who is currently still living on our boat, Susan, said that she has the week off of work and may well be bringing her new boat/home down to the marina this week. If this is true, then we can start working on the Fitz this weekend!! We could even move in if we want, but we'll probably keep the boat empty so that it is easier to work on.

So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the weather is nice this week and that things work out so that Susan brings her new boat down. We'll see.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

just a quick note

I just wanted to comment about the very last picture in Jenny's post from yesterday. -The one with the two of us standing with the city in the background- Jason took that picture standing from the slip in which we will be docked... so that is our view. Rock!


Tuesday, April 3, 2007

we have keys!

Our friend Jason was visiting for a few days, so on Saturday, we took him out to see the boat. To say the very least, he was very jealous (and made it quite clear). He even went on to tell Justin that this was the best decision Justin has ever made :)

In the meantime, we paid for the first two months of the marina fee, and also got our keys!! The people currently on the boat were supposedly bringing their new boat up from Fall River this weekend, so I'm not sure if that means we can begin moving on or not. I imagine we will call them this weekend to figure out the situation. I don't think we'd bring much of our things to the boat yet, but we'd certainly begin cleaning and fixing it up if we were able to.

While Jason was here, he took quite a few pictures, so I made sure to get them off of his camera before he left so I could post them online. Here they are.


Monday, April 2, 2007


Nineteen days til move-in.... . .