About Us

Justin grew up in a small town in Michigan.  His love of travel and ancient history prompted him to get a bachelor's degree in Archaeology and go on to study for his master's degree at Harvard.  He never expected that a move out to Boston would spur on a love of boats and the ocean so fierce that most other things seemed entirely unimportant, except for family and beer, of course.

Justin is passionate in all things and his excitement is infectious.  He is stubborn in a very respectable kind of way. He is really, really funny.  He once sprained both thumbs while playing basketball, and an ankle too. 

He currently works at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and has one of the coolest job titles ever - Command Center Operator.  He is truly a family man, and is about to make the best daddy to the luckiest little girl in the world.

Jenny grew up in a small town in Michigan...7 hours north of Justin's small town.  She had pet chickens and rabbits, and for fun she would pack up her homemade camouflage bag with books and read to her dog, Max.  Her love of books prompted her to get a bachelor's degree in English, then a master's degree in Library Science.  During her schooling, she recognized a profound love of the organization of information, and started practicing the fine art of indexing.  After being a children's librarian for nearly four years, she called it quits to begin indexing full-time in order to organize information much more permanently.  Not a day goes by where she regrets this decision.

Jenny's love for family and beer are also deeply rooted...sadly, her love of beer was promptly cut short as she had a severe allergic reaction a few days after she and Justin were wed.  She still likes a sip here and there, but sticks to hard cider, wine, and sometimes scotch.  These days, she is sticking to water and orange juice, as she is pregnant!  She is seriously excited to have a baby with Justin.

Willie grew up on the streets of Puerto Rico, where he was captured by a kind person and brought back to a shelter in Gloucester, MA.  Justin and Jenny spotted his cute little face on petfinder.com, where they had been searching and searching for the perfect dog.  For years.  Justin drove to Gloucester and was there as they opened the doors, and Willie became a part of the household (boathold?).  He promptly fell off the docks and into the water on his second day of being a boat dog, and has fallen in another 1.5 times since.

Willie is utterly convinced that he is a human.  He doesn't understand petting, and will try very hard to understand every single word that you say.  He is anxiously awaiting a little sister (of the human form, of course), and is hoping that she will enjoy chasing snowballs as much as him...or throwing them to him, if he's lucky!

Ivy was born on March 25th, 2011 - right on time. She's the center of attention, the cutest crew member, and has a fantastic attitude on life.

Ivy's favorite things are dogs and ducks, in no particular order. Her persistence had her crawling at five months and walking at nine, and she's looking forward to the day that she can climb the mast.

Standing at just over two feet tall, she's got a lot of growing to do.  She seems to be enjoying boat life very, very much, but can't wait to live on a bigger boat where she can have her very own room.