Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Of what is and what will be....

Our intent with the blog has always been to keep it real simple. Easily navigable. Pictures, text, and sorted by date. Nice and plain.

That is still the plan; however, we have added a couple nice things and plan to add one or two more.

Notably, we put up a music player which is now at the bottom of the column on the right. This plays a combination of two types of music which seem to represent the purest essence of living aboard--to us anyhow. Type one- fun, drinking, pirate party, good times songs. Type two- transcendental, relaxing, sometimes other-worldy, relaxation songs... better put, songs to fit the landscape (or lack there0f) on the ocean. You have to click play, or click on a song title to make it work. If you start with the first song the playlist flows pretty smoothly.

Next, Jenny has been adding "labels". (Yes, she really is a librarian at heart). If you click the labels at the bottom of the posts it will take you to all posts that talk of that label.

That, is what is already done.

Sometime soon I hope to add a link in the right which is all about our boat, "The Fitzcarraldo". I've noticed, when trying to show inquiring people, what our boat looks like that it is often hard to find good pics of it without having to search back through all the old months of posts. I hope to remedy this with one tell-all page of stats and pictures.

Anyhow... Just keeping you informed.


Monday, February 25, 2008

Chews Wisely.

Jenny took this picture of Willie and it turned out so neat that we decided to post it (and a few others for the heck of it).

As winter meanders on Willie remains the center of attention here aboard the Fitz. We are rather enjoying his company. So far he is turning out to be a splendid dog. Not too big (yet). He is darn near potty trained now. He "chews wisely" and has yet to chew up anything which is not one of his own toys. All is well.

In the meantime, just felt like posting a few pics of the marina so all of the dirt dwellers can see what life aboard is like :)

our finger pier and wrap door:

Our neighbor's dinghy:

B-dock viewed from the harborwalk path:

Constitution Marina from the harborwalk:
And of course, Jenny with Willie:

and us with Willie:

Also, he is taking to the cold much better now. Doesn't mind being out for walks as long as it isn't frigid out. Still unsure of the snow though. He'd just assume avoid it for now.

that's all for now. Pizza Time!


Sunday, February 17, 2008

health and rain and other such things

The dog, Willie, has only been here for 10 days now and he is already growing like a weed. Still doesn't look like he will get *too* big. But just big enough for him to seem like a real dog. If you know what I mean. Seems to be fairly smart--already learning some things. Others are taking a bit. Only chews on his toys, which is great.

In other news, Jenny signed us up for They bring us great organic fruits and veggies and drop them off right on our boat. Makes shopping wonderfully easy.

To augment the organic foods we also joined a gym. Holy healthy eh!

Also new to report is that we have a new woodstove. Though I have no pics of it yet. The old one only functioned ok. It had a lot of poor features, some of which seemed dangerous. One of our liveaboard friends still had a stove that he used to use about 5 years ago before he converted to diesel. He let us borrow it to try instead of ours. It is awesome. Old cast iron heavy looking thing. It warms the boat much better and seems safer. We will be striking a deal with him soon which will allow this one to become ours.

thats all for now!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Well, after approximately two or so years of egging each other on to get a dog, Justin and I decided to wait no longer. We are the proud new parents of a 3 month old pup, Willie.

He seems to be a chihuahua/beagle/terrier mix, so we don't think he'll get enormous (he's 7 lbs. currently...we expect that he'll maybe get to be around 20 lbs. or so).

Anyway, onto pictures!!
I'm also going to attempt some video as well.