Saturday, February 13, 2010

some sailing blogs that we follow

I love to keep up on sailing blogs and what other people are up to who share our lifestyle. It's been enjoyable to get to know people who are sailing around the world - I've learned so much from reading of their trials and tribulations, and that's what we hope to do here as well. The winter months leave much more time for keeping up with people.

In no particular order, here's what we're generally reading - this is just a partial list...there are so many great blogs and not enough time to tell you about all of them.

Blue Schooner Publishing

Ben built his schooner Falcon and spent some time at Constitution Marina (prior to us living here, so we've never met). He's since sailed away to Florida and continues to keep a well-kept blog.

Adventures of Sarabande and Keli and Stu are two blogs from two couples we met in the Virgin Islands. They met our cruising friend Mike in Puerto Rico and have been all meeting up at various points along their journeys. They were a joy to get to meet, and in short, meeting them has changed our lives forever.

Mike and Brian

Mike and Stuart

S/V Third Day
The Boren family's blog is always chock full of useful information, especially the expense reports that they put together. This family of four is cruising the west coast and I discovered their blog on their one year anniversary of setting sail! They're an inspiration to all cruising families.

Peregrine Sea
Tim and Sandra live aboard their boat Peregrina, a cutter rigged Stevens Custom 40 in Constitution Marina. They're a fantastic couple with a beautiful pup Pequita. Willie and Pequita are in love. Tim takes fantastic photos as you're bound to see on his blog.

Zach Aboard
This crafty mama's blog discusses living aboard with her five year old son. The family that is portrayed in this blog is serene and magical. Think Peter Pan. This is a must read for anyone raising a child on a boat.

Chris and Cate
Chris and Cate live...err, almost live on a Alberg 30. Their recently acquired gem is the foundation to a dream of sailing the world. Currently, they're sneaking off into the night to stay on their boat as often as possible, and have plans of being fully moved aboard by March 1st.

Photo is from Chris and Cate's blog, after the first of many snowstorms over the past week. We're quite jealous.

Hobo Sailor
Here's a blog of a (very) young couple who has been there, done that. Chad and Leeann have sailed over 3,000 miles in the Great Lakes, the Atlantic, and have done a Trans-Atlantic crossing. They loved the cruising life, but wanted to be closer to family, and for now they're living in our home state of Michigan.

Photo taken from Hobo Sailor's blog from February 2009

Coronado 25 Sailing Adventure
Allan hosts a wonderful blog of his adventures on his boat with his wife in Canada. He's another blogger that likes to let you know how much things are going to cost, so if you're interested in boating or living aboard, stop by his blog to get a better picture of the real expenses of boating.

s/v Bella Rose
Rob and Cheri live aboard their 36 foot sloop in Louisiana. Their goal is to help others move aboard a boat and their website has a lot of useful information in helping you do so. They even sell a DVD - 7 Secrets to Moving Aboard Your Boat.

And when we're not reading blogs, we're constantly cruising around these forums:

Ericson Yachts
Living Aboard Forums
Cruisers and Sailing Forums


  1. I am enjoying your blog and thank you for the introduction to your fellow friends.

    I am a motoryacht owner based in Langkawi Malaysia and we (my late husband and I) have had the wonderful opportunity to get to know sailors from around the world. And we have made a lasting friendship with one special couple Joop and Hanneke on their S/V Vaarwell. They are now sailing to the Solomons from Tawau, Sabah. Their destination is Elie Bay, New Zealand.

  2. Thanks! I realized I missed a few vital bloggers, so I just updated the post - be sure to check out their blogs too!

    Can't wait to read about your adventures.

  3. Hi Jenny,
    Thanks for posting the links of the sailing blogs you follow. I really enjoy reading Zach Aboard. Blue Schooner is actually pretty close to where I am. He too has been complaining about the horrible weather here. Tell him he needs to put some bay leaves in the rice and noodles to keep those weevils at bay.


  4. Fun! Thanks for your note on our blog. I'm reading your back entries now.

    We posted our top three favorites (so far) here:

    If you find a very motivating one, and if you have time/think about it, leave us a link there.

  5. It's been really great going through your blog post, very well informed and described. Great to read and know more about such kind of stuff.

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