Monday, March 19, 2007

ultimate sacrifices

Man, this is tough. We have to cut out SO MANY things from life. I love it, mind you, but it gets a bit tedious in spots. During the course of this week I went through my cd collection of some 400 discs and did some severe chopping. I think that in the end I ended up getting rid of about 100 cds (mostly all donated to the library since the cd stores suck and don't give you anything for trade in value). All of the rest I removed from the jewel cases (which will be stored on land) and placed the actual discs in sleeves in some cool aluminum boxes. Now my 300 disc collection only takes up about 1 sqft worth of room as opposed to the giant amount it took up last week. Downside is that I'm a nut for good quality CDs and good quality CD art.... Now, I have very very little cd art left to take onto the boat.

But, ah well, I figure living on a sweet boat will be well worth it. It was just one of the harder things for me to do in this process.

On the plus side, our library now has one of the more bizarre collections of obscure heavy metal that I know of.

Also, I really really like having less stuff. General and random stuff seems so burdensome now that I am rid of so much of it.

In the meantime, waiting to move onto the boat is killing us..... ugh the waiting!!


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