Sunday, March 11, 2007

impending living situation

Well, preparations are underway. We are supposed to sort of "close" tomorrow. It is just a private sale so we don't really have a closing date, but we are supposed to get it all purchased and whatnot tomorrow. VERY exciting for us. In the meantime, we have been making the sacrifices and spacial preparations for what my professor dubbed our "impending living situation". We sold our big dresser and our TV. We have had some people come and look at the apartment for subleasing and we've donated a couple HUGE bags of stuff to Salvation Army.

I guess this isn't all very exciting for a post, but until we can get on the boat this is about all you're gonna get. We are so excited we can't shut up about it anyways, so this blog helps :)


Sorry, Jenny took over and used the official Pirate Keyboard for a minute.

We are planning to take the camera out to the boat/marina tomorrow for our closing. Hopefully we can get some more pics of the boat soon to be named the Fitzcarraldo up for your viewing pleasure. (in the meantime it's stuck with the name "breaking news" ? oh well)

If any of you are perplexed enough by the liveaboard lifestyle to seek out reading materials beyond the brilliant scope of the blog then you should check out this book. This guy lived in the same exact marina we are going to be in. He is around our age and seems like a pretty decent person to use as a reference for the lifestyle. The book has been pretty helpful in giving us some ideas on stuff.

Anyhow, enough rambling for one night.

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