Monday, March 19, 2007

first post from Jenny...

Finally, a post from Jenny. I'm not sure what to write that Justin hasn't already, but I'll be sure to come up with something.

It has been about a year and a half that Justin and I have been talking about the boat idea. We've had many versions of "the boat plan", but I'm happy to say that in all honesty, the boat that we will be living on is just what we've been looking for. It has a real shower (most boats this size have the shower head attached somewhere near the sink, and the entire bathroom is a shower, so you're essentially showering with your toilet...) It has a real oven, so Justin can cook pizza. The salon (living room-ish area) is quite large and there is actually quite a lot of space to walk around in. Basically, it feels very much like a home. Also, when we were looking at boats online (we looked at hundreds, if not thousands, of boats), we both loved the Carver Mariners the best. I feel so lucky to have found the boat we were looking for.

A lot of people think we're pretty crazy for doing this, and a lot of people ask me if I want to do this as much as Justin, and I can honestly say that I think I do...(I can only blame working full time for my lack of blog posts). For awhile, I was really worried about space and the amount of things I would have to get rid of, but luckily we've been offered some free storage space for a few of our things, which has put my mind at ease about it. Also, most of my important/nostalgic things are at my parents. The thing of it all is, I am realizing that I don't have too much (at least here) to begin with, and at least once a week I try going through and getting rid of a bit more things that I haven't used in quite some time. It will be fun to really live minimally, and I can't help but wonder that when we do live on land again (or when we get a bigger boat!), will I be an even bigger pack rat, or will I enjoy the minimalist lifestyle enough to keep it up?


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