Monday, March 12, 2007

half a boat

We've taken quite a few big steps toward this already, but today's step was by far the biggest. We went and put the first half of the money down on the boat. May 1st we will take full ownership and pay the second half of the boat off. Woohoo! We are finally actually doing it. Feels kinda sweet, but kinda scary.

Finally took quite a few pictures, but none of them are really that good. The boat is still full of Susan and Carl's stuff and they are in and out quite a bit with trying to buy and fix and clean their new boat. So the pictures look a little lived in. (Felt kinda bad taking pictures of the inside of their house haha, oops oh well)

Anyhow, here it is:

Still wrapped in plastic for winter. Hoping for
better pics soon.

Wanted to take a picture showing
that I really do have enough room
to stand upright. (That was a big
concern of my mom's... and mine)

da head.


and Jack... who sadly, does not come with the
boat, but will be our neighbor's dog, so that's
good enough.

Well, I know they aren't the most fabulous pictures, but that's all we've got for now.

The really sweet part of tonight's visit with Susan and Carl is that they said they are going to be gone spending the weekends on their new boat from now until April and that we are welcome to come and work on the boat while they are away each weekend. Also, they are outright moving onto their new boat April 1st, so we get a full month of vacant boat to work on it and whatnot. YES! That will be sweet.

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