Saturday, March 17, 2007

Der Mann, Fitzgerald.

For those of you who might be wondering why we've decided to call our boat "the fitzcarraldo", this post is for you.

"FITZCARRALDO" is a movie by the amazing German director Werner Herzog.

some info on it can be found here:

Basically, its a move about a madman named Brian Fitzgerald ("Fitzcarraldo" to the Peruvian Indians who couldn't pronounce his name correctly) whose greatest dream was to build an opera house in the middle of the jungle. His means to accomplish this is by taking a giant steamship upriver and then moving it over a mountain to get to the next river, upon the shores of which he will build his fantastic opera house.

Fitzcarraldo is played by actor and real life madman Klaus Kinski.

Herzog, while making the movie, was just as much of a madman as Mr. Fitzcarraldo was portrayed to be. He actually moved the steamship over the mountain without special effects by using the hired help of the Peruvian Indians. Crazy.... but anyhow, thats where the name comes from.

In the meantime, the boat is called "breaking news". We aren't going to pull it out of the water to repaint it until the end of summer, so in the meantime we need a way to have the name on the back changed. We decided to buy a board and have me carve "The Fitzcarraldo" into it. Mind you, my woodworking skills are infantile at best. It has, however come out pretty decent in the meantime.

This was me working on it in the very beginning:

I know it sure doesn't look like much there, but its come a long ways since then.

Anyhow, we can hang that off the back of the boat for now and it will cover the old name for the summer. It is just a cheap pine board (so that its easy for me to carve) so it'll pry rot to pieces by the end of summer anyhow. But thats fine. We'll paint it on then anyhow.

btw, Jenny promises to post something soon too...

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