Wednesday, March 14, 2007

some marina info

Well, I know that we already mentioned we will be staying at, but that website is pretty cruddy, so in order to give a better idea of the marina we wanted to give you guys some stuff to look at. (basically we're all boat-excited and could talk about it all day but can't do so without driving all our friends off, so you blog visitors get to see it all)

Here is a sweet link to some arial photos.

Also, the marina is part of the greater whole of the Charlestown Navy Yard, which houses the original USS Constitution (aka "Old Ironsides) from the revolutionary war. Jenny and I, due to her job, are pretty well up every morning by about 7:30, which is a good thing because Old Ironsides fires her cannons every morning at 8:00 sharp. I, personally, think it will be really sweet to wake up to cannon fire!

Also, here are some pretty awesome pics of the marina in winter:

Winter is going to be so fun. I know many people think thats nuts, but I think that it will be plenty worth it.

For those of you who have read this far, the marina is here, which is *right* across from lots of cool things-- the banknorth garden (where the Bruins play), the north end (old Italian town full of great restaurants and cafes), and Quincy market (fun tourist-ish area with lots of shops)... among other things. So I think we'll be far happier and more entertained there than in boring ol Eastie where we are now. not that its bad here :)

Anyhow, I'll spare you all any more of my babble...


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