Monday, March 26, 2007


So we don't have much to do for the next 3 weeks except plan things for the boat. So, plan we shall.

The boat itself has awesome Mahogany interior throughout, so that is what we have to work with for making a bit of a theme. More or less, we are trying to make the boat look like a cabin. Rustic type of theme. Seems appropriate and should feel nice and homey. Anyhow there is a brass swing arm lamp in the bedroom. We bought this for it:

That should be a good start, and I must admit is one of the most domesticated home-ish things I've bought in a long long time. I like it though and it really purveys the "cabin" feel.

Next, I just happen to have a whole bunch of rabbit pelts. So, Jenny and I sewed them into a rug that can be used as a runner between the couch and the dinette area (see "layout" post if you care to know where I'm talking about). Pretty geeked about this actually. I've always wanted a real fur rug. We will have to get a few more to make it a bit longer, but works for now.

In the meantime, we have sold all our furniture but the futon. So our apartment looks pretty nomadic. Oh well. Here is Jenny sitting on the new rug and looking awfully nomadic.
To go along with our cabin/rustic look we've got this old picture that my dad sorta made. Its this old wooden screening type of things (not sure what it really is) but its basically a wooden picture of a bunch of old guys who look like they are betting on a dogfight or something. Its pretty cool. That will be hanging in the one real spot there is to hang something in the living room/ salon of the boat. We also have this cool old looking wooden chest that my grandpa and I made a long time ago. That will be in there too, so perhaps for the first time I can live somewhere with a cool looking decorated theme.

In other news, the sign for the back of the boat has made good progress.

Thats all for now....


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