Wednesday, April 21, 2010


It has been an incredibly busy spring. Jenny has been working all her waking hours split between indexing and the library. Only 6 more days at the library though :) I've been indexing as well as doing massive amounts of boatwork. In the meantime, we haven't really had the chance to upload many of our own pictures. Well today I finally cleaned out the camera and decided to just upload a bunch of pictures. They are roughly in order of oldest (about 6 weeks ago) to newest (yesterday). So I'll just give them some quick captions and hope you enjoy.

Jenny snapped this shot of me applying the second
coat of easypoxy to our deck.

and one more.

This photo is facing starboard and slightly forward in the cockpit.
The big white panel at left is the forward bulkhead which I removed
the old wind gauges from and fiberglassed over.

Willie, admiring himself.

My left hand looks funny up there.

Apparently I was about to scratch my head.

Sometimes, we're odd.

Somehow, Gollum is still alive.

Springtime in a Boston marina is a fantastic time.
Everyone comes out of their little plastic shells and starts to be
social again. It's really very nice.

Ladies, pictured at right is Keith. Keith is a single white male,
roughly 30 years old. Keith enjoys boating and wearing cardboard
shark heads. If you share these interests call him at 1-800-my-shark.

Willie and Rusty love to play. Rusty is 14 years old and so arthritic he can barely
walk, but he still manages to give that young pup a run
for his money.

This is one of our assistant dockmasters, Howie, helping move Madrigal
to it's temporary summer slip. We'll be docked on the outside
of the marina until we leave for Thayer's Landing on May 1st.

Willie has a new superhero costume.

Don't tell him you know who he really is.

He prefers if you call him Wondermutt. It helps him
stay incognito.

Our new Rocna finally arrived yesterday :)

Now we can sleep at anchor with much greater confidance.

It will be a very fun summer.

And just a couple quick shots of the boat in its current state,
new deck paint and all.

and Willie too, of course.

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  1. wow, your boat is looking great! I'll have to research the easypoxy. I love the transom colors, and find Willies costume quite disturbing! Nice work