Monday, April 12, 2010

living on a boat during the flood season

It's terrible that we haven't updated our blog since April 5th. I am utterly embarrassed by this! We had gone for such a long stretch of updating so regularly and then spring rolls around and we act as though we're out enjoying the sunshine, finding better things to do than blog. Well shame on us. We promise we'll stay inside more often so that the blog does not go neglected.

The reality is, we're swamped. Indexing, getting ready to leave the library, preparing our boat for a new marina, and yes, enjoying the sunshine.

The weather in Boston has been more or less perfect, aside from two terrible instances of flooding. A lot of towns around us are recovering. We're still just bobbing along happily, while people deal with damaged basements, flooded yards, flooded streets, etc. This all started about a month ago and people are still recovering. The Boston Globe has some photos posted here.

Everyone continues to compliment Justin on the deck work. We'll need to take the time to post about that one. I've taken photos throughout the process so hopefully it will be a helpful post for those of you who are considering doing this. I'm sure there will be more time soon.

It feels wonderful to have the shrink wrap off. Willie loves it, and is doing a (more or less) great job of staying on board, even when his favorite people or puppies walk by. He sure does enjoy the sunshine, and it's hard to keep him inside on a nice sunny day. He just wants to lay out there and watch people stroll by while he rests in the sunniest spot on deck.

Anyhow, we will post more as soon as we're able. Sadly, I can't make any promises as to when that will be. I am devoting my time to indexing this incredibly interesting book on circumpolar regions. Very cool. Oh yeah, and I still have two weeks left at the library. Justin has been taking advantage of overtime at the museum, so we're lucky to see each other during the day lately. Tonight I'll be going to bed long before he gets home. Speaking of which, it's past my bedtime now. Goodnight.

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