Thursday, April 22, 2010

Escanaba Michigan

So, we may be in Boston right now, but Jenny and I are truly not Bostonians at heart, and likely never will be. We both hate the Red Sox, and don't really even like baseball in general. We hate the bad traffic, and the lousy almost snowy but generally just soggy winters. It isn't us.

That isn't to say it isn't a cool city. We've had a lot of fun here and we're both very glad we came here for a few years. It's been a ton of fun, and I have trouble picturing myself in most big cities, not just Boston. So, when springtime began to roll around we started debating on what to do about registration, which was about to expire. Madrigal was registered as a Boston boat, but if we are ever going to cruise her away she needs to be documented with the US Coast Guard. It wasn't a hard decision to realize that we'd fit with our boat much better if it was a Michigan boat. I came from mid-Michigan, lots of little lakes, but nowhere a sailboat like this would ever be found. Jenny, on the other hand, grew up just outside of Escanaba Michigan.

We may or may not ever get to sail all the way up there. We'd love to. It'd be a great trip up the St. Lawrence, and the waters of the great lakes are so clear and fantastic, well, at least up north in that area they are. But the facts that it's on the waterfront, it's Jenny's hometown, and we both really like the whole area up there were enough reasons for us. And so it was that an old race boat from Marblehead MA was overhauled in Boston for a couple of years and is now a registered cruiser as S/V Madrigal hailing from Escanaba MI. Neat.

I repainted the transom and put our new sticker on yesterday. I think it looks nice. I'm happy with it, and I think Madrigal is happy with it too.


Jenny here...
I just wanted to add a bit to this post...just a couple of links, really.

Here's a link to the Escanaba Municipal Marina which we someday hope to visit by boat...

The lovely Escanaba, MI

And for the few of you out there that may be saying to yourselves "Escanaba...where have I heard that before?" It may be from this goofy Jeff Daniels movie, Escanaba in Da' Moonlight, which they were filming while I was in high school. Funny stuff.

That's all!


  1. If I had a boat, mine would hail from Gladstone, MI. The boat looks great.

  2. Thanks!

    As a side note, I am technically from Cornell, MI, but we thought Escanaba was more fitting due to the fact that Escanaba is actually on the lake, whereas Cornell is a bit inland.