Friday, April 16, 2010


Thanks to the anonymous poster on our blog back in February who pointed out that the rocna's were selling far cheaper than they were a year or two back.

In preparation for my new endeavor as a full time freelance indexer, we're setting the boat up to 1) be easier for me to work on, 2) be easier for me to work on anywhere at all, and 3) be a little more self sufficient so that we're spending a chunk of change now, but in the long run we'll save money. Fancy that.

We're doing a few really cool of which (if you haven't guessed) is the purchase of a rocna!

A stock photo. We'll take pictures of ours soon.

This puppy will let me index with ease from any nook and cranny in the ocean, without worrying so much if our anchor is holding. We also have a couple of danforth anchors for backup.

Many more projects are in the works - we'll keep you updated.

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  1. I went through our logbook and calculated that we've spent around 265 nights at anchor since we left Seattle in May of last year. Our Rocna has never once dragged, including several evenings of 35 knot winds and enough chop through the anchorage to put green water up over the bow. I can't speak to other anchors, but our Rocna is probably my favorite piece of gear we have.


    s/v Hello World