Friday, March 18, 2011


I started having issues with the v-berth a month or two ago. Climbing out of the v-berth with a growing belly became harder and harder every day. I am getting up 3-5 times a night, and to get out of the bed I have to spin around, get my feet on the sewing machine step, and somehow try to not wake Justin in the process. Step 1 was the most difficult, followed by step 3. To get back into bed was just as much of a chore, and frankly it was exhausting. I was beginning to feel very much like this pup:

Finally, I had enough. Our table drops down to form a bed, so we've been sleeping on that for the past week. Truthfully, it's far less comfortable, but I'm not waking up Justin at night now and it has made getting back in to bed much easier. Getting out is still fairly difficult (in fact, I am much more like that little puppy trying to get out of the bed now!) but at least I've eliminated *some* of the frustrations of sleep!

Soon there will be a baby that will keep us both awake at night, but for now at least one of us can get a good night's sleep, and I can get in and out a little easier.


  1. I thought about doing same thing with our settee table. Your wee one will be here soon!

  2. I was wondering about that because we have a 25 ft sailboat that we want to go out for weekends soon as the weather's been improving and I was trying to imagine how I'd get in and out of bed with the little one. I couldn't imagine doing it 9 months pregnant. We have a settee that folds out into a bed that we still sleep on cuz the v-berth isn't really set up that way. So excited to hear about the arrival of your baby!