Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Deck Prep (or Sanding, Sanding, Sanding)

With the shrinkwrap off of the Creekmore it means I can access the entire deck. That is great news for the sanding that needs to be done. And there is a LOT of sanding to be done due to water damage over the years. Henry had finished the deck, faired it all in and then put a good coating of primer on the whole thing. It was all set to be painted. Then he covered it in tarps and moved on with his life. Well, wet tarps on a primer coated deck for 30 years are not ideal. It caused a lot of cracking, bubbling, and crazing. I had sanded a lot around xmas time and thought I was near done, but when the dust was cleared (literally) there was much more to be done with smaller damage I had not noticed before. So, after many days spent sanding I believe I am finally ready to fill the new gaps and craters with a fairing filler. I am using System Three Quick Fair that I got from www.defender.com. Quick Fair is a 2 part epoxy filler that I used previously when I was fixing the cockpit seams on Madrigal. It worked well, the mix was a simple 2:1 and sanded nicely. A year later now and I can not tell the quickfaired part from any other part of the deck. So, I ordered a gallon and a half of the stuff, which arrived today, and now I just have to wait for weather above 50 deg fahrenheit to apply it. Then, I get to finish sand the whole thing again and apply a nice new coat of primer. Then, it will finally be in the same state it was 30 years ago: ready for paint :)

Below are some pics of the deck sanded and ready for fairing filler. The white-ish part is the old primer and the more tan colored spots are where I have had to sand through it right back down to the fiberglass & epoxy.

Progress is good.


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