Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nachos, Friends and Dogs

This winter has been different than winters past - namely that there have been a lack of dinner parties, or at least far less than normal.

One of my favorite things about having people visit the boat is that it gives us a good reason to actually clean things up. No, we're not slobs, but seriously even ONE backpack clutters the boat up, so to have a few things laying around really makes it seem like a wreck inside.

We had a simple meal of nachos (with paper plates - classy), and had roughly 9 people over.

Even Willie had a playmate - McQueen! Willie and McQueen are the most perfectly matched dogs ever. You'd think they came from the same litter by how similar they are in looks and size, and their personalities blend perfectly as well. I could watch the two of them play all day long.

The food was good, the company was great, and we were even able to get a game of cards in afterwards! Such a great night.

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  1. oo love dinner parties. But so proud of you for making space for them on the boat. I keep thinking in the warmer Spring weather, we'll have to barbecue cuz then we can use the deck. Right now it's cramped for just us!