Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Things are just ducky, new years, and other such ramblings.

We had a fun new years, as these pictures can attest. We had a party up at the marina office, even though the pool was broken (it's usually heated like a giant hot tub). It didn't matter though. It was tons of fun anyhow.

Nate claims not to enjoy new years, but these first two pictures would claim otherwise....

Christina kept kissing people. Even when posing for pictures apparently. Hah!

Whoever says that white men can't dance hasn't met our friend Mark.
On second thought maybe they have met Mark....

We couldn't catch or friend Dave dancing on camera, but smiling on camera is a rarity enough. (Dave and Christina are the ones who bought our first boat, the Fitzcarraldo from us, btw)

It was a fun party and even without a giant hot tub it was a good way to get us all out of the cold. And really, it's cheaper to turn the heat down on the boat and all go hang out at the same place for the evening!

This duck however, is finding her own way to cope with the cold. Jenny recorded this just aft of our boat a couple days ago.

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