Monday, January 4, 2010

High Tide

So, two days ago we had a super high tide. There was a sea breeze (and a drawn out low pressure system just sitting on top of us) and a lunar tide. The combination gave us the highest tide I've seen in the 3 years of being here.

I took the two pictures below of the gate into the marina. This is normally the top of the gangway, but as you can see, it is under a couple inches of water. The water (ice water mind you!) was about ankle deep before you went 'up' onto the gangway and into the marina. It was crazy. Of course, I had a full dock cart with me at the time and Willie refused to step into the water. I had to tuck him under one arm like a football, steer the dock cart with the other hand, and wade through ice water. Sometimes, living aboard is hilarious.

And here is the other gate into the marina (we have two). This one wasn't swamped, and if I'd have realized it I would have went that way. But the picture is neat because it shows the slope of the gangway 'down' off of the ocean. That sure is a different feeling.

And, just for fun. Here is some great old prog rock from the band HIGH TIDE.


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