Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Winter Slip

Well, it is official - we are in our new winter slip! I still can't believe that summer is now officially over.

Since the boat is moved in so far, we won't be able to go out sailing on our boat, because we're packed in like sardines and they throw storm lines from boat to boat which makes it impossible to get out.

We're starting to see familiar winter faces show up once again and it's strange - that will be us next year.

It has been a fantastic year and a sailing season I'll never forget.

Justin started a shrink wrapping job at the marina today, so very soon all of the boats are going to be wrapped and the quiet of the winter begins.

Winters are always very fun at Constitution Marina though - lots of dinner parties and pool parties. Also, our friend Hugh takes his boat out quite a lot in the winters and we're sure to go out with him quite a lot. He has a great lobster boat, and since he is a rigger for Northeast Rigging, he is always too busy to go out boating until winter hits and the jobs go away.

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  1. neat. i love reading about your seafaring ways.