Sunday, October 18, 2009


Moving to the East coast from Michigan, there were many things we had just never encountered before (the ocean, being one of them!)

So when people started talking about the big Nor'easter that was going to hit, we had assumed (for awhile) that this was going to be one BIG storm. We'd always get a little nervous about it, especially once we were on the boat, and then it never ended up being much more than some winds, rain and a little chill in the air.

Now that we understand what a Nor'easter actually is (a storm that blows in from the North East), we are well aware that they CAN be big storms but they aren't necessarily anything to fret about.

That being said, it's been cold and wet, and rain is in the forecast for another couple of days. Willie is most pathetic and refused to even get out of bed until I made him at 11:30 this morning. He HATES the rain.

We're thankful that we're dealing with this storm instead of Hurrican Rick, and are thinking of all the sailors and dirt dwellers over on the west coast. Hopefully the storm begins to calm itself and everyone has found a safe place to go to ride out the storm.

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