Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thayer's Landing

Well, it's official. Jenny and I have decided to move Madrigal to a new marina next spring. We love Constitution Marina and have only good to say about it, but it is time for some change. We bought a boat so we can move around a bit, so we might as well. Also, we are both growing tired of being in the city 365 days a year.

With that in mind, we've kept an eye out for a marina that happens to stand out a little. Well, a couple days ago a craigslist posting appeared advertising one open slip in Thayer's Landing Marina in Weymouth Mass. I've never heard of the place before. So far as I can tell, neither has anybody else. There is a good reason for this. The marina only has about 8 real slips and then a long dock that fits about 8 more boats. I don't think there has ever been an opening at the marina. Jeff Thayer, the very nice gentleman who runs the place, said he usually has a 3 year waiting list and he's never really had to advertise before. I can tell it is true because I can't find ANYTHING about this place online.

I think we got very lucky. It is a beautiful place, located up theWeymouth Fore River. Jeff Thayer's house was built in 1680. Dr. Cotton Tufts (pun intended?), founder of Tufts university and doctor of Abigail Adams built the house. It is old, large, and beautiful. However Jeff came to own it is currently unknown to me, but 20 some years ago he built this small marina in his back yard. It is peaceful, quiet compared to our current downtown Boston location and wonderfully, deliciously, green colored. There are trees down both sides of the river. There is a park just across the water from us. The house has a fenced in yard. It is very quaint and should be a nice change for us.

We'll still spend the winter seasons in Charlestown at Constitution Marina with all our friends. All the friends here are seriously going to be the hardest part of spending a summer (and perhaps many) away. There is a great community here, and we've gotten quite close with some people. It is nice to know that we can come and go though. Thus is the real freedom of living aboard.

This is the monstrous Fore River drawbridge that we will have to go under. The picture doesn't do justice to the size of the thing. Our boat can sail right under it. It has a 55 foot clearance at high tide before the bridge even goes up. The bridge gives a pretty industrial look, and the waterfront right there really is industrial. It was home to the Fore River Shipyard. Luckily we are upriver a ways and it gets nicer and nicer up the river. Neither of us have ever spent much time in Weymouth. I've only been there because of Monahans, the fantastic marine store that we will now only be 1 mile from! (I'm not sure if that is good or bad). But from driving around there the past few days it seems like a very nice town. Lots of good looking cafes, restaurants, and coffee shops. Seems upscale, but not snoody and annoying. It also puts us close to quite a few good outdoor areas. Blue Hills Reservation is close by as well as Wompatuck State Park, which is the park Jenny and I camped at when we vacationed to Boston for an inspection tour to see if we wanted to move here almost 4 years ago. We'll also be about 1 mile from Bare Cove Park, an excellent place to walk Willie off leash.

Getting out to sail will become easier as well since we won't have to beat through Boston Harbor and get tossed constantly by the ferry boats and hordes of powerboats. In all, I think we'll enjoy it. Life will quiet down in the summers and move a little slower, but that's OK by us.


  1. Awesome! Enjoy your new home, it looks lovely.

  2. You guys make me want to buy a boat!

  3. My brother just called from Arizona and told me about your blog. I always enjoy meeting fellow sailors and look forward to seeing Madrigal on the dock this summer!

    I am the fifth generation of my family to own this wonderful home. It was built in the late 1600's by Captain Thomas White and was puchased by Dr. Cotton Tufts for his son Cotton Tufts Jr. in the late 1700's. Dr. Cotton Tufts was Abigail Adams Uncle, he delivered John Quincy Adams and was one of the founders of the Massachusetts Medical Society and Tufts University. Dr. Tufts also helped manage the Adams farm and property while John and Abigail were away during John Adams presidency.

  4. Jeff,

    Glad you found our blog!

    Thanks for correcting us on the history of the house. I knew we didn't have it quite right.

    We can't wait for May - it's going to be a long winter.