Sunday, October 11, 2009


Again it's been a long time since we've updated, but not without excuse. Indexing is busier than ever, and I've roped Justin into helping me get some of the projects done. He did his very own book and we're pretty darn excited because now that we can both index, we'll be able to take on more jobs and the business will grow.

Justin has been busy with school and working lots of extra shifts at work. He's also had a chance to do more boat projects - always exciting.

One of the great projects that came about unexpectedly was the acquisition of a nearly new Origo 6000 oven. Our friend was kind enough to do a swap with us, since he's getting rid of his boat and we're LOVING the new oven. I can honestly say that I've never loved an oven more than this one, and it bakes better than any oven I've ever used before, on land or on a boat. Anyway, we decided that it was the only stovetop/oven that we needed, so we ditched the microwave and the electric stovetop. Justin had to do some rearranging, but re-installed the gimbals so that the oven has plenty of room to move when we're rocking around (like right now) and that way everything stays even and doesn't slide off when we're tipped at an angle.

The other project that Justin has been working on is a seahood. This is the cover for the main sliding hatch which protects us from getting rain/sea water splashing in through the hatch, and allows him to be able to build a dodger on top of that, which will help prevent rain/sea water from coming in the hatch at all, even when it's wide open. It will also allow me to sew up a bimini which will protect us even further.

A project I decided to tackle yesterday was sewing a cover for the propane tank, since we bought a nice one and it will always be attached to the rail. There were a few things that seemed would be difficult to work out, but in the end I came up with a very nice cover for it and we just need to pick up some snaps so that we can attach it with those.

Boat projects aside, we're wrapping up another sailing season here as the winds get colder and the days get shorter. It's sad to see the summer fade away so quickly, but we're still both happy that we were able to get out as much as we did this year. We even did a sail up to Gloucester, which we had planned on extending to Rockport, but with 8 foot seas and 30-40mph winds forecasted, we decided to play it safe and stay in the anchorage instead. It was a fantastic trip and it was so nice to have five days to sail, explore the town, and just enjoy everything.

We've been decent at updating our photos to flickr, and here is a set from the trip to Gloucester.

Well, the bread has been baked for the marina party and I'm just waiting for Justin to get home so we can go have some turkey and whatever else they have in store for us! More soon.


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