Monday, March 8, 2010

Nantasket Beach, Kite Flying, and Spring Fever!

The weather has been beautiful here the past couple of days. Really feels like spring, 50+ degrees and bright sunshine is great for lifting the spirits a bit. My old college roommate and best friend Jason was out here for the weekend as well. He is from Indiana but every once in a while comes to Boston for work and gets to take the spare weekend to hang out.

Jenny, Jason and I decided to drive out to Hull Massachusetts and visit Nantasket Beach on Saturday.

Nantasket beach is somewhat steep with a ton of rocks. The waves were rolling in pretty heavy and it made the best sound ever when a big wave would come in and drag all the rocks back toward the ocean... Just a big giant crunching grading sound that was also so strangely soothing. Really neat.

Skipping rocks in big waves is fun. Jason and I were trying to see if we could get get rocks to skip right over the breakers.

There were also some brave souls in wet suits out there surfing the cold Massachusetts waters. I think it looks like great fun. If I had the sparetime and cash for a board I'd love to try it sometime.... we'll see.

After the beach we went and had lunch at a place called Barefoot Bob's on the beach. The food was great but the service was SO SLOW. No matter. A good time was had by all.

Then, I know that the highlight of Jenny's weekend is that we went to a kite shop in Hull. We have both wanted a kite for some time-- Jenny especially. We spend so much time on beaches and whatnot that it just makes sense to have one. Well, usually they take up too much space to keep on our small boat, but we found the Parafoil Sunburst. The owner of the shop was really nice and that link is for the same store. If you live on a boat and want a kite, buy that one. It is a 2 foot parafoil made of ripstop nylon (spinnaker material) that uses no sticks and folds down into a small baggie that it comes with. Perfect!

The next day Jenny was able to fly it a bit by our marina. It flies fantastic. So easy to launch and stays in the air quite well.

In the meantime, our friends Dave and Keith brushed up on their juggling pin skills. Sometimes, our marina really is a circus.


  1. Hi guys, thanks for visiting our blog! We love your boat, especially that its yellow! Can't believe you two brave those cold cold winters up north on a boat. Wow. You go! Great dog too!

  2. The winters in Boston are pretty wimpy - they're easy enough to brave. The only hard part is that they drag on a bit too long. It's been in the 50s and sunny all week though, so we're definitely nearing the end now.