Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I know there have been a lack of posts.

It is the end of my semester and final papers are killing me.

The Ron Paul for president campaign is running strong and taking up most of my spare time.

I tore the old head system out in the meantime and our new one is on backorder (lots of walking to the boathouse in the meantime)

I've also been cutting a good amount of wood into little bitty pieces for our woodstove. In the meantime though I managed to run a handsaw across my left pointer finger and receive 4 stitches as reward. That was awesome! hehe. Seriously. I rarely get stitches. It was an amusing day.

All the snow has melted in our global warming 60 degree mid January days, but hopefully we can have some more awesome snowy pics soon.

Oh, I almost forgot. A couple of absolutely HUGE swans came to visit us the other day while we were trying to get to sleep. Heard some loud animal squaks while laying in bed and upon running outside found a few awesome and gigantic beautiful swans pecking around the sides of our boat. That was neato.

More soon hopefully. :)


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