Monday, January 28, 2008

counter fits

For those who might not remember, we purchased some galley counter tiles a few months back. They have since then resided in their box stuffed underneath our futon. This is, of course, valuable boat storage that could be put to far better use. Given my week off of school for the between the semester break I decided to remedy this problem.

Here is the galley before we purchased the boat.

And here it is after we purchased. We removed the rope looking upright and installed some spice racks there in the background. Trouble being the fake counter top linoleum kinda junk was old and peeling.

A few weeks ago we put some nice stained slider doors in the background cupboards. You can see those here as I began to lay tiles a few days ago.

more work.

Today was grouting day, of which there are no photos since Jenny was at work and not here to take pics of me.

and finally... the finished product!

We are very very happy with the way it looks. Still can't get it wet for a few days til we let it get good and dried before sealing it. Also, notice the new faucet that I installed. You can't tell much from the previous pictures what the old one looked like, but needless to say, the new one is much...newer.

Happiness ensues though.



We almost forgot to post some close-ups, so you could actually see what the tiles/grout looks like. We are impressed.



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