Saturday, January 26, 2008

Grass skirts, sombreros, hot tubs, and free beer.

Sounds like a marina party!

Yes, this is how we entertain ourselves here during the cold months. Our downtown Boston marina may be expensive, but they also make up for the price by throwing big parties with free booze.

On that note I present to you, our neighbor, Jeff:
Hehe, well, we certainly can't single out Jeff as the only culprit for wearing a grass skirt. I think everyone at the party had the skirts on at some point or another.

Arvind was probably the most notorious skirt wearing, sombrero toting culprit of the night. He was having tons of fun. So much fun, that I couldn't seem to get a shot of him from the front, but here he has pulled Joanne into the dance circle:

One of the neat things at our marina is the pool in the winter. They put a big tent over it, sorta like a shrink wrapped pool cover (us winter boaters will shrink wrap just about anything). The neat part though is that they heat the entire pool like a hot tub. It was just about 100 degree water last night and the amount of steam it generates under the tent is astounding. This can be attested to by this pic of Mark re-filling his beer from the keg.

It is really neat to swim in. When you are in the middle of the pool you can't even see the edges. This, of course, was cause for many jokes about needing radar and looking for bouys. :)

Back inside the boathouse Walter was crowned with a sombrero.

I can't very well put lots of silly pictures of everyone else without admitting that I too took part in the reindeer games:
All in all, it was a lot of fun. These marina parties are by far the best way to meet all the fellow liveaboards. All the people pictured above live here, as well as most everyone who was at the party last night. It is a good community to live in.


[edit 1/27/08] Our friend Ahmet took many more photos and put them all up here:

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