Tuesday, April 3, 2007

we have keys!

Our friend Jason was visiting for a few days, so on Saturday, we took him out to see the boat. To say the very least, he was very jealous (and made it quite clear). He even went on to tell Justin that this was the best decision Justin has ever made :)

In the meantime, we paid for the first two months of the marina fee, and also got our keys!! The people currently on the boat were supposedly bringing their new boat up from Fall River this weekend, so I'm not sure if that means we can begin moving on or not. I imagine we will call them this weekend to figure out the situation. I don't think we'd bring much of our things to the boat yet, but we'd certainly begin cleaning and fixing it up if we were able to.

While Jason was here, he took quite a few pictures, so I made sure to get them off of his camera before he left so I could post them online. Here they are.


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