Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Nor' Easters and more.

Some actual exciting news: We will definitely be moving aboard on Saturday! ....in the immortal words of my sister, "Woot Woot!!"

Also, we had the advantage of using somebody's free car for the week, so we went to Ikea to get some decoration stuff. We got plenty of cool things to make the boat look more sweet and more like home, but you can see all that stuff when it is installed and looking cool.

As one last exciting thing, we are still in the waning stages of what is apparently a very big Nor'Easter storm out here. Susan, the woman living on our boat now, said that Sunday night was by far the worst -storm wise- night on a boat she has ever experienced.

We can't find any pictures of what the night was like at our marina, but these are some nearby areas.

This is in New Hampshire, the farthest away
of the pictures, but such a cool picture that I
couldn't leave it out.

This is Revere Beach. How these people aren't
getting bowled over by these waves, I dunno.
This is just up the road about a 1/2 mile from
where we live now. We went there the night
before to see this site and it was pretty cool,
not as big as in this picture.

This lighthouse is in Cohasset. South of us by
just a little bit, but right outside the harbor.

Other than the huge waves, there was plenty of rain and wind, but it really didn't seem like a HUGE storm to us. We'd probably think differently if we were out on the water.

:) That's all for now.


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