Saturday, April 14, 2007

squeaky clean

Susan did not get her boat here this week. The weather has been rather shaky, so I can't blame her. This translates into: we are not able to move our stuff aboard this weekend. However, we were able to go do some cleaning yesterday and start work on our own little remodel. Tore down some ugly wallpaper, fixed a few little things... nothing huge, but it was nice to get some actual work done on our own boat. Jenny also bought the fabric to re-upholster the interior dinette cushions with. It should look much nicer than it does now.

In other news, the city is preparing for a supposedly HUGE nor-easter that is supposed to blow into town tomorrow morning and not leave for 2-3 days. That should be awesome, but I just have to trust that Susan and Carl have our boat securely tied down in the meantime. They've been doing this a few years, so I'm sure it's fine. I'll have my fingers crossed anyhow.


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