Saturday, February 9, 2013

how did we not update you all?

I realize that I had a draft of a post from November that never got sent. Huh.

Life has changed for us. Drastically. So without further ado, here is what I meant to post months ago:

If I had the time, I'd write and explain in detail exactly what's going on in our lives. If I had the time, I'd have written a month ago. If I had time, I'd have written a myriad of posts in between this one and the last...

But that's not how it works.

Life as a work-at-home mama means that life is busy, all the time. It means that posting on the blog is something I do when I'm procrastinating work. It means that the post I make is sup-par.

So, as brief as I'm able - we're moving back to Michigan. We grew up there, we love it there. We miss our families.

Michigan means: Our business continues on, better than ever. Without this, we'd have given up on our business entirely.

Michigan means: family. So much family.

Michigan means: No more boat life, at least for now. We love it, but we need to go home for now.

Michigan means: So many things. We'll miss our friends. So much. It's been incredible on the East Coast and I'm not sure we'll ever find a group of friends quite like the ones we have here. It was unexpected, but incredible. It's going to be the most difficult part of moving, without a doubt. We're planning on not having a going away party, because we're not sure if we can handle the sadness.

And hopefully, Michigan means: a life less hectic. Less cluttered. We've been so insanely busy for the last two years. It makes my mind spin. I don't know how we've kept up with as much stuff as we have without going insane. Boat life makes everything 10x harder. Showers, laundry, dog walking, you name it. It's all insanely difficult when you live on a boat. For awhile it doesn't matter so much, but then a kid comes along and things that were 10x harder become 100x harder. Really. I am so excited for simple showers, simple laundry, simple dog walks. Simple sleep. Simple living.

So there it is. We're moving in two weeks, so I don't expect to post much before then. Hopefully once we move I'll have more time, but I'm not so sure that time will be all spent posting on the blog...I want to play my guitar. I want to start woodworking. I want to give Ivy more time. I want to spend more time with family.

Hopefully soon, I can at least post some photos. It's been a long, long time.


  1. Welcome back to Michigan! I'm glad you've made choices for your family that prioritize things in your life that are important to you like not being so hectic and spending more time with family. Thanks for the update. There are lots of lakes in (and around of course) Michigan, perhaps you'll find a way to keep boating in your life. :)

    I live about 12 miles from Lake Michigan, and my dream is to scrounge up enough money to get another sailboat and sail on the lake (we had a Hobie Cat but sold it.)

    Enjoy the woods! I love them too. I have dreams of living aboard, but I wonder how much I'd miss stuff like the woods too.

  2. I once heard "you can have it all, just not at once." Enjoy this next chapter! You're right about it all being just a smidge harder on a boat, then immensely harder with a baby! (My youngest was 15 mos. when we moved aboard.) Good for you for realizing what was right for your family now, and know that you've had a great experience, been a great inspiration to many, and are setting amazing examples for your little girl. All the best, Jody

  3. Wow, good for you. Doing things the easy way, and not striving so much makes for a much better life. Enjoy!

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