Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Impressive map of Sandy, courtesy of Google.  That's one big storm.
Just a quick update to let everyone know we are just fine after Sandy.  We were planning to stay aboard Creeky for the entire storm due to being docked in a nice protected inner slip, but the marina decided to do a mandatory evacuation of all liveaboards on Sunday morning around 11:00am.  Most of us just went to the Marriott next door which was giving a discount special for all us boat refugees.  We got to watch from the comfort of the windows above and the whole marina fared pretty well.  A bit of torn canvas and some chafed rigging, but nothing too dramatic.  Here are a few pictures just for fun.

Looking up at the boathouse from our winter slip.  Nice and eerie looking pre-storm.
We've been booted out.  It was a good call.
Looking down from the hotel windows.  Creeky is the shiny white deck there in the middle.
Ivy loved the opportunity to mingle and make friends with our boat refugee friends.
Mama and Baby exhausted the next morning.
All went well and it basically ended up being a good reason to take a day off at a hotel and enjoy the company of our friends, even if we were all nervously watching out the window and bracing for impact.

Soon we'll start posting some more updates about life on Creeky and all the progress we are making toward a nice comfortable home!  Also, today is Halloween which means it is Willie's 5th birthday!  Happy Birthday Willie.
Happy Halloween everyone:


  1. hope you are all settled back in and progress is going well....waiting for some updates.

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