Sunday, June 3, 2012

Simultaneous Projects

So, the lead in the keel isn't the only thing to be done.  We have all our thru-hulls to be added as well.  This is a project I'm very proud of, due to the innovation of the "seachest".  A proper seachest is a giant hole in a boat (usually a working vessel) which leads to a big cabinet full of seawater.  That big cabinet then has all the thru-hulls leading off of it.  I'm doing a variation on that idea.

This is a picture of 3 of the 4 thru-hull backing plates that will exist in Creeky (below the waterline).  These three are in the aft cabin, under the bunk, in their own compartment.  They are made entirely of fiberglass, no wood to rot.  This compartment (our "seachest")will be entirely watertight and sealed.  If any one of these three thru-hulls ever lets go, the compartment will fill with water and that will be the end of the story... thats it... no drama, no leaking boat, no sinking boat.  Pictured are: 1" intake for heads and sinks, 1" outlet for grey water, 1" intake for engine raw water coolant.  That's it.  The forward head will also have a 1" outlet for blackwater.  Those will be our 4 thru-hulls, and no more.  I love this setup.  So little to worry about.  If we are taking on water, it has to be one of these two simple places.

Today, I cut a new access panel in the forward berth cabin sole.  This gives access to add the singular forward head overboard outlet, as shown in the picture.  I didn't get a picture yet of the glasswork I did, but I think it looks fine and should suffice as a good solid backing block for the marelon seacock (no bonding required!) .  I'm happy with this setup.  This compartment will also give access to a depth sounder, someday.....

In general, the these projects are coinciding well.  On short days I do little bits of thru-hull stuff and     whatever else needs to be done.  On long days I do lead ballast type stuff.  I'm pretty sure we'll be in the water before this winter.  Time will tell, but so far so good.  I am confident.

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