Thursday, March 8, 2012


It's been incredibly windy here in Boston this winter. Which is not to say that the wind is an unusual visitor in the winters, it's just that I've noticed extra windy days this year.

It seems that people's shrink wrap is not holding up as well this year as a result. We even have our first ever wind-related hole in our wrap (not detrimental - only about a 10 inch gap or so) from all this stinkin' wind. Thankfully the tarps on the Creekmore are holding up well, and Justin goes down frequently to check on them.

Anyway, it's currently blowing like stink out there and it reminded me that I took a few pictures last week when we had such a blow. It's hard to *see* the wind but I took a few pictures of the damage.

Bill's shrink wrap goes up...

And down.

That's a big hole up top. They ended up tearing off the wrap later that day.

Dock carts were smashing into the boat next to us. Ugh. New paint job too. At least they have some spare touch-up paint.

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