Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Together in Motion

Lately we can tell that Ivy has been feeling downright cooped up. Crap. That's totally my fault. I'm a homebody and if it were up to me, I would only leave the marina a couple of times a month, aside from walking the dog, playing outside, etc.

But Ivy seems to love being social, she loves being in new places, she loves new toys and new things to look at. So, instead of driving her batty for the rest of the winter, I stepped up to the plate and we've started getting out and about.

Once a week, we go to the library. We initially were going to the library on the North End, but the walk isn't entirely pleasant and it's also much further than the library in town. It also seems like they've made a fair bit of changes to the children's room since I was last up there (for a job interview, haha!) and it's rather pleasant now. Hooray! It's been fun for me because I'm re-remembering all of the children's books and authors that I once knew and loved so deeply. It's not like I've forgotten about those books, but some of the details have been lost with time. There's also something so much more magical about a loved book when you can share it with your daughter, even if she is just trying to eat the pages.

Once a week, we go swimming. We were taking Ivy to swimming lessons but those are done now so we're going to the pool here at the marina. She love love loves it and it's so fun to take her in.

Our newest excursion took place this week, when I realized that we still weren't getting her out quite enough. I did a fair bit of scouring before I came up with Together in Motion. TiM is an indoor gymnasium type of place but during certain times they set up blocks and things for kids to play with. The group we took her to was for ages 0-24 months, so it really was perfect for her with being right in the middle. Most of the kids were right around her age, so she fit right in. We were there for just over an hour and man, that kid had a blast. Admission was $6 and it was well worth the cost. We had to drive to get there, so Justin has to come with us (I don't drive) but we both had fun watching her.

And the pictures don't show it, but she was playing with a couple of kids and did great. She was inquisitive but slightly apprehensive with the other kids. I'm glad we're able to get her around others her age and hope that we'll be able to find the time to take her here nearly every week until we move to Weymouth, because I do think that socialization is important, especially since I do stay home with her instead of sending her off to daycare.

We've also been able to keep her busier at the marina. When we take Willie for walks, we're finally able to set her down and she'll walkstumbletrip her way along so that she can throw Willie's toy to him. She lets out a shill scream as she's going for it and another as she tries to whip it. It generally lands about an inch away from her feet, but Willie is generally pretty good with acting excited and he'll pick it up and let her do it again. Good dog, Willie.

Lastly, we decided to clean out the cockpit and let her play out there. Supervised, of course. This new play area has been fantastic for her (and for us) and has really seemed to break up the monotony of staying at home. She has an entirely different set of toys out there, the shrinkwrap keeps the area incredibly warm, and it's almost like she's surrounded by a huge table to set her toys on. She seems to really dig it.

So yes. Ivy may be getting a bit tired of living on a tiny boat in the winter in Boston harbor, but we're doing much better with things now and are enjoying ourselves immensely.

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  1. I like reading about families aboard. We lived aboard with our two youngest daughters when the were 1 and 4. It was great! They were totally in the habit of grabbing their life jackets as they exited the hatch. Once, we had a little blow up pool in the cockpit for them to play in. Those daughters are now 23 and 20. Those were the good old days.