Friday, May 14, 2010

Thrasher Spanker

That's right, we have a "Thrasher Spanker", more commonly known as a Spinnaker. Yes, we've made a grand new purchase. We just happened to find a perfect fitting, perfect color, perfect condition, perfect price asymmetrical cruising spinnaker on craigslist this week.

We've wanted one of these for quite some time, but I never expected to find one locally used that fits our boat so well. The pictures were taken at the dock today while we were testing its fit. Hopefully we'll get out on the water with it next week or so.

I call it a "Spanker" because of the reference in this informative little site:

And I call it a "Thrasher" because it came with a nifty sailbag that has THRASHER stenciled on the side of it. Being a fan of old thrash metal, this is a particularly nice perk for me :)

It also came with a fully functioning dousing sock and all the necessary lines. Happiness :)

In other news, Jenny and I will be spending the next two days scuba diving. Last summer, as a wedding present, a bunch of the fine folks at constitution marina got together and purchased us a gift certificate for dive lessons at United Divers in Somerville. It's taken us until now to find the time to actually take the lessons, but we are both pretty excited. Thanks everyone :)

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