Wednesday, May 19, 2010

settling in

We are finally beginning to feel settled in. I worked some long hours the last couple days and the commute started to feel normal. Then, when I got home, I felt like I was 'home'. I didn't realize it until today, when I had the day off (we went shopping for Jenny's 28th birthday :) and we after we got home and made dinner I realized how normal it felt to be here. It's really fun living on a boat. Moving our house around is exciting. I like it.

And tonight we are all cozy around the fire on a rainy night. I'm messing about on the computer while Jenny does some indexing. Yep. Home.

Oh, and there is whisky involved.


  1. I too have found that whiskey makes everything better, but it seems like you guys have a great thing going! Sounds wonderful. Happy birthday Jenny!

  2. Hey Jenny and Justin,
    I know how you feel. We decided to rent our house (FL) out rather than spending winter there and summer on the boat(TN). So we are selling all our furniture and downsizing again. We moved stuff to the boat this week. On the boat, there is a plaque that says "Home is where the boat is," and a roll of paper towel that read "Home Sweet Home." It really felt like home! And oh so exciting!

    We did an overnight drive, and got to the marina 8:30 Sunday morning. After unloading and cleaning, the liveaboard community woke up and started making breakfast (served with Mimosa!) for everyone. I love it!